Our services

Sale of real estate: flats, houses, land

I am selling, renting

Our guarantees for clients:

  • Personal broker
  • Individual treatment
  • New offer of your real estate in 30. minutes on our web site, within 2.hours on 10. most used real estate servers in Czech republic
  • Day to day work with property with new and existing clients out of our database of 4.000,- clients looking to buy
  • Overal covering of real estate market
  • Maximum information policy
  • Complete legal servis included
  • Evaluation of property
  • Tax advisory
  • Property handover

I am looking for to buy/rent real estate

We provide:

  • Close specification of your needs
  • Active look out for your aim property
  • Personal treatment from our assistants
  • Check up of offered properties by our brokers
  • Show of properties with our brokers
  • Legal servis included
  • Financing servis

We have wide offer of real estate in our database:
Land, houses, flats - new and second hand, luxury residental properties.

Thanks to our dynamic team we have new properties on our list every day. We are able to find the property based on your personal needs. If you choose a property from our database, you are not paying any fee, it is paid by the seller.

Research of the market

For our clients, who have very specified requirements we offer a research of the market.It includes a guarantee of finding proper offers existing on the market at the time.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate contact us for our further information about our fees.

Properties for rent, flats, houses, commercial spaces

For all clients, that are looking for to rent a flat, house, commercial space or luxusy residence, we have prepared wide offer of properties available in our database.

Buyout of real estate

We are also offering fast servis for clients in need for cash.Our broker can visit your property, evaluate its price for which can be bought by our company.The whole transaction can be completed within 48 hours. No waiting, money within two days on your account.

For details please click here: call me!

Property management

The reason, why we established this servis was the need of our clients to manage their properties during the time, when they are abroad.Based on our experience we found the right people with very good accomplishments it this field, that will také care of your real estate in a same manner as it was their own investment.

Our services.

  • Personal contact with owners
  • Checking up on incoming payments
  • 24-hours emergency servis for tenants
  • Marketing support to achieve full utilization
  • Custody of existing contracts
  • Contact with a tax revenue authority
  • Financial reporting
  • Yearly evaluation of your investment portfolio
  • Professional help with finding new properties
    1. advisory about the types of rentals contracts
    2. personal handover of real estate with clients

Our fees

  • Long term rentals
    Month rent if the flat has long term contract.
    10% of the rent for the complete mentioned servis, only during the time when the real estate is under rental contract.
  • Short term rentals
    For clients that want occasionally to use their properties, we can provide short term contracts with 20% fee out of the income. In these cases is not included mont rent (lesser than 1.month rent). Management is included.

It is also possible to rent your real estate without our property management In that case the fee is only 1.month rent.

Developer projects

For our partners

Atrium Real Estate is an experienced partner for sale of new developments, mostly flats.We will start with you from the beginnig of the project.We will analyse the market,we will find the land and will create the best strategy.It is our obligation to work hard, until the last flat or house of our project is sold.

Our projects

We are a part of well known financial group Kilcullen Kapital Partners, which gives our own projects and very good position in execution of our plans.

Legal servis, tax advisory.

Our legal department is specialized in property laws. We are ready to offer you any kind of advice regarding complete solution of all contracts and procedures with local authorites. We are speaking Czech, English, Spanish.

We are also ready to advice you in regard of any tax duties or problems.

This servis is for no special charge.

Financing - mortage

We are bringing high standards and know how to help you to execute your investment goals. We trace the market and search for the best possible solutions based on your need and goals.

We can save your time, energy and money in a moment of your decision to buy any real estate. We will help you to make the right plan of financing, find the right bank and help you during the whole time of an execution.

Our team is prepared to help you with all bothering paperwork. In an execution of our services we are flexible, based on your personal needs and potentials. We will always fully care about your opinion and find the shortest way to grafity all of your reale estate needs.

Our partners for mortage services