About US

We are a real estate service company that provides and offers the best personalized attention encompassing the requirements of each person or company. We provide advice for buying, renting, selling real estate property, new or second hand, both for Czechs and for foreigners.

With our associated companies we also can provide financial advice and arrange contractual agreements with banks to help you or your company get mortgages and financing in the best conditions.

Our team of professionals fully understand the necessities of the real estate services, doesn't matter if your buying for your personal use or using it for investment, our people will find you the best deal, the best buy or the best sell for you.

In a market that has a big offer and a big demand, we help people obtain agreements and help them find what the really want, we help people meet their expectations and help them step by step through the process of purchase or selling property.

We invite you to go through our web pages and encourage you to contact us directly with your questions and requests.

Za Atrium Real Estate s.r.o.


Aleš Kratochvíl
Managing Director